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Clear Blue Media has authored and supported many development projects for both commericial and non-profit endeavors.

EAMIR Software Development Kit (SDK)

EAMIR is an open-source project for programming within the Max/MSP/Jitter programming environment.


the Modal Object Library

The Modal Object Library is a collection of algorithms to control and define modality interactive music software. The first objects were written for the language Max/MSP/Jitter in 2006 and became instrumental to the development of the EAMIR project. The library is now bundled with the V Objects as part of the EAMIR Software Development Kit (SDK).

DOWNLOAD the Modal Object Library

Miscellaneous Software & Source

This folder is an all around garbage dump of files by V.J. Manzo. Enjoy smiley
All files were created sometime between 2005 and the present.

nes_controller  uc_33  |  fcb1010